Release of Pixel Core 4.0

Release of Pixel Core 4.0

Here at Pixel Nation we want to stand at the forefront of technological advances. New technologies are emerging on monthly bases, new releases of existing software libraries are coming out regularly. Original Pixel Core 3 was built around Java 8 ecosystem, which was released in March 2014 and reached its end of life in March 2019. Pixel Core 4 is built on top of latest Java. Current version of Java 12 released in March 2019 brings significant advantages over Java 8 in performance and reliability.

Pixel Core v4 Integration Framework provides following improvements over v3

Scripting engine was switched from deprecated Nashorn to latest GraalVM. […] Read more

Create Custom Project

Create Custom Project

This is the second blog post regarding installing and configuring development environment for Pixel Core Framework. The first article could be found here.

After Pixel Core project was successfully imported into the environment it is necessary to create a new project specific to business.

Create Dynamic Web Project

Customize content path for the project

You will see a newly created project in Project Browser

We recommend not to copy resources from Core tree, but link them (Eclipse provides this excellent feature). To do so you need to create custom variable PNI_LOC and point it to Core project root.

Link necessary resources (JAR files, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, Etc) from […] Read more

Configure Development Environment

Configure Development Environment

This is the first blog post in a series on installing and configuring development environment for Pixel Core Framework. The next article could be found here.


Pixel Core is a development framework that provides basic common functionality out of the box. Framework could come in two types of distributions: source or binary. Both distributions are exactly the same except source distribution contains Java source files and could be used for deep customization of the framework.

Although it is possible to modify distribution and use it as main project, we recommend to create separate project and use links to PixelCore3 project as it […] Read more