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Release of Pixel Core 4.0

Here at Pixel Nation we want to stand at the forefront of technological advances. New technologies are emerging on monthly bases, new releases of existing software libraries are coming out regularly. Original Pixel Core 3 was built around Java 8 ecosystem, which was released in March 2014 and reached its end of life in March 2019. Pixel Core 4 is built on top of latest Java. Current version of Java 12 released in March 2019 brings significant advantages over Java 8 in performance and reliability.

Pixel Core v4 Integration Framework provides following improvements over v3

  • Scripting engine was switched from deprecated Nashorn to latest GraalVM. This move not only greatly improved performance of JavaScript implementation but also added support for more scripting languages, such as Python, Ruby and R.
  • Switch from deprecated Criteria API to JPA Criteria. Criteria API is still available and could be used in special cases.
  • Introduction of custom annotations allowing for generation of service classes and interfaces using Java Annotation Processing. Thus, minimizes amount of boilerplate code (which was already not small).
  • Build framework changed from Ant to Gradle.
  • Automatic documentation synchronization and generation from Google Doc sources.
  • Introduction of social logins using Google and Facebook OAuth2 API.
  • Configurable user registration process and automatic association with clients.
  • Minimum Java version compatible with Pixel Core 4 is Java 11.
  • Framework comes with support of English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian locales enabled.

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